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How James Garfield saved Christmas

James Garfield and Thebloggess.com

Who is James Garfield?  He is a beautiful amazing creature that saved Christmas for my kids and many other children as well.

7 years ago a wonderful woman by the name of Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess) purchased a stuffed Borehead and her other half was upset. So she decided to sell some homemade Christmas cards to make up the money she had paid for him. She wanted to help a few children by giving out a few small Christmas gifts.When the money was gone there were still many families looking for a Christmas miracle. A gang of avid readers and troops quickly offered their help to give other families a chance at getting a gift for their children. It turned into thousands of dollars and continued every single year for 7 years and thus became the James Garfield Christmas miracle.

Honestly with everything we had went through this year I didn’t think I would be able to purchase anything for my children like many other families we had a lot of financial issues due to bills, divorce, and a new autism diagnosis and more added therapy bills. Christmas was going to be slim to nothing and I wasn’t even planning on putting up a Christmas tree this year. I then thought back to 7 years ago when I was working and ablebodied to help someone and I have always been a reader of Jennys many blogs and books as she is an amazing writer.

I helped a few families the first year but never participated after because a lot of drama had occurred and there were scammers galore asking for gifts for parents and friends,etc. In my opinion this was ment for children to get a gift under the tree and those adults were taking a gift and a smile away from a child by asking for something for themselves. I honestly just stayed away at Christmas waiting until the next blog posted. But this year was a little different and I hoped and prayed maybe someone out there would find my story and be able to help.

So I swallowed my pride of trying to do everything and asked for help.

Its a hard thing to do for mothers who naturally try and give the world to their children even working 2 or 3 jobs just to put food on the table and clothing on their backs. We had gotten a few angels to give them each a gift that they really wanted and needed and then a few warm outfits for winter as well. We live in Texas and so rarely does it ever go below 30 degrees which is cold but its manageable. But now this year we are down in the teens. I mean it is down right cold.

There was still the added drama in the comments section with the greedy people asking for hundreds in gifts for their spouse and themselves. And then you have the many people who start being mean to mothers reposting several times to get their comment seen and some that overpost after they have already gotten hundreds of dollars in gifts and come back to ask for more. I understand that you want to get gifts for your children and I get that when you start getting stuff in the mail it gives you a little rush of adrenaline and you go back to see if maybe someone else will just send a few more.

My children each got a toy a piece, My 2 autistic children got their toy a piece plus a few sensory items that were really needed for therapy and then each got an outfit or 2 a piece. I did post my link several times as I do have 4 children and 2 have autism and I cannot work due to having to stay home and be in therapy with the both of them. I try and do many other things online in order to pay for extra things like birthdays or needing a little bit of extra spending money and I will post those on another blog for you all to read as soon as I get a chance. I had people getting mad because I had posted a few times but I never asked for anything for myself because I know that gift could go towards a child and a smile on Christmas day.

I don’t have anything honestly because every single dime I get I always spend it on my kids. My clothes come from a store down the street and everything costs 1.25 . I wear crocks or flip flops even in the winter and my hair is always in a ponytail..LOL

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I am just a regular mom who needed help and it took everything I had to finally reach out and ask for it. However I understand why people would be angry for me posting. Because they don’t know me from Adam and don’t know if my story is true. Anyone can post on there that they have 20 kids and need  a grand to buy Christmas gifts. But honestly I’m not that type. I’m just a mom with kids that have special needs trying to get by and scrape by with every penny I get. My vlog on youtube only has 307 subscribers and averages 30 views per video so I make about 2 dollars a month from that. And my blog is new and doesn’t support google adsense until I get a following.

I will be posting the huge smiles on my childrens faces here for all the world to see because I want those people who so thoughtfully helped my kids this Christmas to see the miracle they created. So to James Garfield, Jenny and the rest of the Bloggess tribe

Thank you so much and you will forever hold a special place in our hearts as the friends who saved Christmas!!

Snowflake our elf!!

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