About me

Well who in the heck am I you ask?

I am whomever you want me to be, I am a mom, A daughter, A sister, A friend, A choffer, A nurse, A , A and the list goes on….LOL

No but really I am just a mom who decided that vlogging wasnt working so I would try writing all the crazy rantings in my head because editing would never get done and I had videos piled high in a folder that were never uploaded.LOL.

My name is Christina and Im a 35 year old mother of 7 beautiful, talented and awesome children. I had my first child when i was 17 and then just never stopped after that. Which was horrible at times because the fair would be open and I could never ride any rides because I was always pregnant..LOL.

I am an huge advocate for Autism awareness and acceptance.So many people know what autism is but they dont accept it and we get those shobby looks in public and you know what i mean parents?

“Why dont you bust their ass, I guarantee they will stop acting like that”

I honestly wish it was just that simple to control a meltdown in public when it has nothing to do with something they want. But there are always gonna be those people who are floating around and we just have to shrug it off and walk away (or go to jail for beating someones ass) LOL

I am a very outspoken,uptight and sometimes loud individual and it gets me into alot of trouble but I wouldnt have it any other way. My motto is if you cant say something nice come sit next to me for awhile…LOL

I was born and raised in Indianapolis,In and got caught up in bad situations during my early 20s and had to get out of the state before something bad happened.So then I moved to Tennessee for a few years and worked in a few crappy warehouse jobs and then I met my 3 youngest childrens father.We then moved to Texas and have been here for 5 years.

Some of these posts may offend people as I tend to point things out I dont agree with especially when it comes to spreading misinformation about autism.And also I dont sugar coat the truth.If its ugly then the post is going to be just as equally ugly..LOL.

Honestly I am just me, A mom who loves my children and makes sure they have everything they need to survive in this life.Even if it means standing up to a 300 lb gorilla named spanky because spanky wants to be a bully.LOL

All jokes aside this blog is for those families who have special needs children and need a funny, relaxed atmosphere and somewhere to rant at 3 am when their child wont sleep and have been beaten with everything in site. This blog is dedicated to US… And I am not just the only person blogging I want all of you to be a part of this and help it grow to reach parents all over the world who want acceptance. And yes I will be ranting alot people. Just to forewarn you if you dont like curse words and gossip this probably isnt the blog for you. I will try my best to keep  my mouth at bay. However this to is my place to vent and be free. So if you feel trapped in a world of judgement make a fake name and rant in the comments. Come on you know you want too…LOL