Applying for grants

So applying for a grant is like asking them to murder someone!

A few months ago I had applied for a grant to get Braylen an IPAD via Autism speaks. Well Ill save the Autism Speaks rant for another post but of course he didn’t get funded even though we had a crap load of letters from speech therapists, doctors, school, etc..

So in my quest to find a communication device for my child I looked at several of the online grants from different places that claim to help children get funded if they cant get funded via insurance, or places like Autism speaks. So I put in my applications and waited.

I got an email this morning from a lady that had one hell of an attitude. She asked me to send a letter for his SSI. Ummm well I don’t have a letter for SSI because he doesn’t get SSI. She persisted that any disabled person gets SSI and that he has it but just not receiving it. I tell her again he is not receiving it because our income was too much. My divorce isn’t final and until it is I cant apply for anything because of the money his dad makes.

When I told her that she still persisted I get a letter from SSI. Ok so I am going to call SSI again only for them to tell me again “How are we going to give you a letter when you don’t receive SSI”. So they are going to send a letter saying exactly that.

       Wondering if that will fit her approval too!!

Also when I told her the number to my sons speech therapist she told me that they only accept letters with letter heads and not verbal referrals because she ” is a volunteer” that doesn’t have time and she has hundreds of other applications to process. Well excuse me attitude of the world that not everyone has to ask for help all the time and we don’t know what exactly we are supposed to have.

I don’t care if someone is paid on salary or a volunteer. If you volunteered then atleast be nice to the clients because you in fact volunteered to do it.

You don’t know who your dealing with behind a computer and your general “attitude” can sometimes hurt someones feelings, or even stop them from trying to ask for help for their child later on because they had to deal with the hateful volunteer who wants to label everyone as needy.

So to the parents who do need help and are trying to get a grant of some sort please be ready to deal with these kinds of people, because they don’t know you nor your situation and to them you are just a needy person looking for something for free. They will have attitudes, they will label you and ask you a million questions. Take a deep breathe and remember what you are trying to do for your child because they need it. Don’t worry about what that person on the other end of a phone thinks because they don’t know you at all.






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