Autism Speaks is a Joke!

So you know around  April when everywhere it says light it up  blue?

  You go to the local store and they have these little paper shoes, or paper things that you can sign your name on and donate a few bucks to Autism speaks. You buy a blue lightbulb and you try and be supportive as you can for years and years to all of those donate things at the stores thinking that the money really goes to children in need.

Well I am here to tell you that it is all a lie!

So for years i donated to autism speaks, even after my son was diagnosed. I felt the need to try and help other children if I was able too. I was so into putting up my blue lightbulb. I even wrote autism awareness notes in the glass chalk on my car windows. Over the years i have probably donated a few hundred dollars to different things. This year has been a very hard year financially for my family. And when my sons speech therapist said to apply to autism speaks grant for an IPAD. I honestly thought this is great , I have donated to them and I know that they are able to help alot of kids with all of the funding and donations they get.

                                                                                                                                  I was so wrong.

I applied for the grant only to be told that he would have been approved but because so many kids applied. That he isnt able to get one.So 9k kids applied for this grant and only several hundred were awareded with ipads because there was not enough donated to the grant for all of the children in need. Even though i sent in referrals, letters, speech therapist even sent in his information and said he desperately needed one. He was still denied. How is it possible that Autism speaks gets millions in donations from people just in the month of April but cannot afford to fund 1 grant every year for IPADS.

                                                           I found out a little secret I shouldnt have…

I found out that only 2% of all donations actually go to help children with autism and the rest is for funding other things like tshirts for walks, pamphlets about autism, etc.. They have lied to many people over the years and I am making it a goal to let every single store I come into contact with that has these donation things about the lies.

                                                                             I emailed Autism speaks

I told them that they are bunch of lying theives that run a company that doesn’t help children with autism but benefits and makes a profit off of children like mine by saying they are helping them and in turn they are not doing anything to help. They choose who they want to help not the people who truly need it and have sent in paperwork that shows they truly need it.

So this coming April before you give that extra dollar to Autism speaks at the dollar general cashier that is telling you “do you want to donate your change to Autism”. Your not donating it to Autism. You are donating it to a “so called”  company that says they help children that does not help but 2% of the children affected by Autism. Turn the cashier away and donate to a family you know that could use it for their child. I know my son still is need of one and cannot get a grant from Autism speaks. So you can donate to him if you want to donate your dollar to a needed cause.




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