Autism Support

So I know a lot of you out there feel alone when it comes to dealing with children on the spectrum because you don’t get to go anywhere, have a conversation with someone because if you turn your head for a brief second you find out your child has taken off in a public area.

So here are the sites that I have found very helpful when it comes to feeling alone. Also there are some I was referred to that I really haven’t had a chance to check out!

The first one on the list and most important as they can help with different therapies that worked with their children, diets,etc.. This is social media platform for parents or guardians of autism. You can also find people based on location so you can find out important events or things for autism in your area!

Another is to check your Facebook,Twitter,Pintrest,etc. for anything Autism. Look for Autism support groups, Autism support, Parents with special needs children, ASD support, etc.

Most people will post Autismspeaks in their blogs or somewhere on their social media as the go to for help for children with autism. However I beg to differ and at all cost do not visit their site. They ask for donations throughout the year mostly in April, However only about 3% of that actually goes into autism research,therapies or help for families of children with autism. The rest goes into their precious company for advertising.

If you want to donate to autism, stay away from the light it up blue for autism in April. Light it up whatever color you want and donate to a child in need of therapy, donate sensory items to the school, local community center or YWCA. There are a lot of children with autism and their families are in need just to pay for everyday expenses.

It could be your next door neighbor, a child that goes to school with your child, or just someone you randomly bump into.With the holidays its even more of an added stress on these special needs parents just because they may not get Medicaid or SSDI or help with needed therapies. You can look online as well for Gofundme pages or Wishuponahero sites.

We are one of those special needs families with multiple children and 2 on the spectrum with needed therapy that we sometimes cannot afford so to help cover the cost of these things I do many things online like surveys, blogging, vlogging, etc.. So if you want to help out my family you can check out my sons gofundme site to help pay for copays for speech therapy 1