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Well hello world!

My name is Christina and I’m a 35 yr old mother of 2 autistic kids.I have 7 wonderful children all together and decided that I can write better than I can make videos. We also vlog on YouTube under the channel name Baby Bunch!

I seen how much I remember loving to write when I was younger and was always able to express myself better in letters and emails. Even when it came to my love life I was always quick to answer a letter or email but face to face was always a hard thing for me to do. So that is mainly the reason why I restarted this blog. The second reason being for awareness and acceptance for my children. There are so many hateful people in the world and the fact is They don’t know any better. They were never taught what autism was. It didn’t immediately affect them and so they never took the time to study up on it or wonder about what it is. And instead of researching and learning they decided to just go along with the stereotyping because its easier and they think maybe that person knows what they are talking about.

You all know those looks we get in public when our child is in public not being able to control themselves during a meltdown. The people behind you in line are giving you dirty looks and talking under their breath to their friend or spouse saying

“If they would just bust that kids ass they wouldn’t act like that”

I honestly wish it was that easy. Because when I was little and acted up I knew when my mom or dad went to the switch tree in the yard or took their flip flop off their foot it was time to calm down. However its not that easy and the person behind you doesn’t understand and so their only comment is for you to better discipline your child. There are many times I have explained my child’s acting out. The person was then understanding and learned something new that they could pass on to someone else.

However I have also gotten the pig headed jerk who thinks that autism is non existent and that busting their butt will solve their sensory disorders. Those types of people are the ones you just walk away from because if you don’t either your gonna be thrown out of the store or end up in jail.

“Your kid doesn’t look autistic”

UMMMM… well first off autism is a neurological disorder and has nothing to do with the way he/she looks. The sad thing is Ive even gotten this comment from parents who have children with autism. BUT.. their child also has downs syndrome or another disability that affects the way they look. My children are your classic autism type. They look completely normal and healthy but they have limited speech, repetitive behaviors, sensory processing disorder ,echolalia and are hyperactive. But not all autistic children are the same.

“Your child must be high functioning, He can read so well”

Well your wrong again. Yes he can read, he can also sing every song on the radio, repeat every single movie he watches over and over and also can read a page and then turn it and repeat everything that was on the page before. But it is not high functioning, he doesn’t have aspergers. First and foremost aspergers is not even a diagnosis anymore. Labeling autistic people is overrated and stereotypical and shouldn’t exist at all. Let me tell you why…

You have Jack who is 7 years old and he can read everything you put in front of him, he can remember every song, repeat the words on every show or movie and is very educationally advanced. However Jack cannot tell his mother how his day at school went, he cannot tell anyone when he needs to use the restroom. He cant ask for food or drink. He tends to have toileting issues because he gets to focused on one thing and forgets basic needs. Jack can tolerate loud noises but some sounds bother him like slow music,

Jack uses echolalia to ask for wants and needs. He will say ” that’s delicious” when he is hungry or say “nope try again” when he doesn’t want something or something is wrong to him. Jack has great social skills but not with children his own age. He tends to flock to adults. He rarely plays with toys but when he does it is because of wheels or something he can self stim too. He uses stimming to calm him down. Jack has been called high functional because of his ability to read and because he is very social with adults. But does this label honestly look correct for him? A child that cannot tell someone how his day was, or lacks basic skills to survive.

This is why I say labeling is overrated and shouldn’t exist. Autism is a spectrum disorder. A spectrum means a wide array of things.

I know every single doctor that my children have had have never diagnosed them High or Low functioning. Because labeling is wrong. Sure there are autistic children who rarely show any signs of autism or maybe just 1 or 2 signs. But it doesn’t make them anymore or any less autistic. They are on the spectrum. Period.

So this is why I am starting up my blog again. And I’m hoping that this blog attracts people with autism, families with autistics and also those families and people with no autistic person in their families and have never heard of autism.

I want people to learn the right things. There is a ton of misinformation out on the internet that you can run into. And some of the things you run into are written by parents of autistic children themselves. Those are the people who have failed to enter into their child’s world and learn about autism and truly understand what affects their child and their family as a whole.

I am very outspoken and it sometimes gets me into heated arguments and into a lot of trouble. So this is also my venting area where I’m sure a lot of rants will go on. LOL…

This is not just my blog, this is a blog for everyone to vent, relax and learn from each other. So if your up at 2 a.m. and dealing with a meltdown now you have somewhere to come and vent. No judgement, no criticism. This is a place to support and teach those affected by Autism.

Welcome home!!

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