I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

Why did Texas decide to change the temp from 30 degrees last week to 79 on Christmas day?

Bet you thought I had some clever joke to tell. Unfortunately I live in a state that it’s motto is “If you don’t like the weather here wait a few minutes”

Guess that was clever enough..lol

So this Christmas was no different than any other.I wrapped the presents the week before so I wasn’t up all night wrapping.We left cookies out for Santa and sprinkled reindeer food on the lawn. Mia decided the reindeer didn’t need the oats and glitter as  much as she did.I tried to get it out of her hand before it reached her mouth and I just wasn’t quick enough. She spit it out so apparently it didn’t meet her approval. The glitter however was a different story.I ended up having to pour water in her mouth to get it out.So we are on the lookout for something very sparkly in her diaper in the next few days.She now has the nickname “glitter poop”.

The kids laid down.Braylen and Mis had other plans and decided to giggle at each other for over an hour before dozing off. I went into my “Santa closet” and started brining out presents to the tree. Took the cookies and milk and and me and “snowflake” and “starflake” the elves ate them and left them for the kids to find the next day.I finally got To bed around 1 and then Mia decided to wake up at 1:30 with a nice meltdown.(she’s in the regression phase) .

We have had allot of night terrors lately and her pediatrician said when they are regressing into that “world of autism” that’s usually what happends.

She so far has lost alot of her eye contact,gained more sensory issues and behavioral,repetitive behaviors. Her doctor and ECI therapist both notice the regression so now I don’t feel like I am pointing out things just because of her older brother. It’s hard not to compare Braylen and Mis when they are so genetically the same it’s insane.All except he’s a boy and she’s a girl.They both look exactly alike,same hair,same eyes,same characteristics. And everything is oddly happening at the same time that Braylen started to do the same. He did have a seizure right after his vaccines and after was when we noticed a huge amount of regression.

With Mia she is entering in to it a little different and slower but it’s the exact same as her brother.He was quiet for 3 or 4 months,only repeating and babbling. Mia talks but it’s repeating things, both had the same stimming, same delays, same behavior issues. And all of this is happening 3 years from the date I seen Braylen regress.Ill explain more in another blog.

Now back to Christmas….

Tori and Bella woke up first and opened theirs,then Mia and then Braylen.The girls loved it and loved the paw patrollers,Braylen didn’t want To open anything and when I got the Pocoyo toy opened just a bit he got so excited he ran and was repeating Oh my God over and over. This is then first time he has ever been interested in a toy and it was amazing to see his smile with his pocoyo track.

The ex in-laws of course had to grace me with their presence since they were in from Mexico and wanted To see the kids.So my happy day with my kids quickly turned to crap. Already 2 toys broken, They gave all the candy to their kids from my kids stockings.I had a few extra barbies wrapped for the 2 little girls.One of the girls threw a fit to her mom because she didn’t want a Barbie And I guess expected I would give up my 7 yr olds 3 gifts she got.

They brought nothing as usual to my kids.

I always give them something but yet they never bring a thing, not even on birthdays.They come and eat everything,try to swindle my kids out of their new toys,ask if I have any clothes for them.I used to bag up all the clothes that didnt fit me or the kids and send it.

They have money as they are a wealthier family that sent their kids to college so no excuse as to why you can’t even bring a pack of socks or gloves as a gift. So now I’m sitting her writing this blog while they have decided to stay over, take all the blankets and not even acknowledge my kids even though they were the reason they came. Next year I am going To find somewhere to spend Christmas and make sure I am not home.

I’lI add pictures later on as Braylen over ran the computer and I’m posting from my phone. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Don’t forget to sign up  down below to get an email when we post a new blog.And check us out on YouTube by clicking above.


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