Im Gross but your a hypocrite!

                       So having your own opinion is gross now a days..

So as you all know I am a parent of children with autism. Yes I said a parent of children with autism. However did you know that my opinion is gross because of the name of my website. Living WITH Autism.

I have been an avid reader of blogs and watched many video blogs about Autism. In the beginning when my son was first diagnosed I had no idea what Autism was. However with time I finally learned but had to learn on my own because most of what people said were their own opinions about autism or how autism affected their child. I learned that my children are my children first and that I wasn’t going to allow Autism to define who they are as a person. However on my journey to learning about autism I found out that autistic people can be hypocritical witches as well.

There was a video series that I followed faithfully because they talked about what different things were about autism. So I commented to a video of this person and asked if I could share their videos on here to help more parents like me, who were trying to find answers to things they wanted to know. However, this person came back with a witchy attitude and said that I was gross because of the name of my blog.

They said that I shouldn’t call it living with autism because I don’t live with autism. She said I have autistic children who I use because it disgusts her to see a parent “using their child” to make money by monetizing a blog. ARE YOU SERIOUS??

     So of course me and my big mouth

I’m sorry but someone that posts a video about what not to say to an autistic person and claims in the video that people have their own preference about calling themselves a person with autism or an autistic person and should let them be without judgement. Then she turns around and calls me gross for having my own preference. And she has a vlog where she talks about people, agencies, etc.. but I am gross because my blog is ranty and I talk about my opinions and views of things. What a hypocrite. So of course I feel like a fool for telling people about this ladies videos because obviously if someone doesn’t have the same opinion as her she is going to call them gross.

                So she said I am throwing a tantrum because of her honest opinion.

Nope I am just showing your audience how much of a hypocrite you are by telling me I am gross for having my preference but you turning around and saying the same things I did in a video. Kinda sad don’t you think to call yourself honest and be a hypocrite at the same time.

I honestly feel sorry for this woman if she ever has children because she will allow something to define her children instead of them being what they are first and that’s children. She says that the “autism community” likes to be called AUTISTIC PEOPLE and not people with autism. Last time I checked everyone I have talked to including people with autism don’t like to be called AUTISTIC. They have autism but that’s not everything about them.

That’s kind of like saying Jim over there WITH A BIG FOREHEAD would like to be called THE BIG FOREHEADED PERSON instead because his preference is to allow things about him to define him as a person..

What a crap load of nonsense that sounds like right???

Needless to say I have unsubscribed this hypocrites videos but I cant undo the people I have sent to watch her videos . Hopefully those people thought I was nuts and didn’t listen…LOL




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