My life be like…

My life be like…I sure wish i could finish that sentence with Ohh

So my days  and my life are filled with toddler tantrums,sensory issues,picky eaters,therapists,doctors and now DANCE..

Whoever thought of a dance moms show was very knowledgeable how it is.

I usually dont get to sit through a dance class unless her jazz teacher is there.And most of the time I have the littles so I rarely make it past the fromt door.So today I finally got to go in,sit down (or rather stand) at the tiny door where all the “dance parents” are trying to record their kids .Mind you the window is about 2 inches big on each side of the door.

I honestly got the last laugh being an autism parent.I hadnt gotten a shower today.So most of them moved when i moved in to record my

Funny how the same funky stereotyping is in every turn you make.Now we are broke ass people and make our way via odd jobs and hard work.

Most of the parents kids there are not hurting for money (if you know what I mean) So Torianna started yesterday mind you and did very well.However her turns were backwards.So some of the girls were laughing.But those girls sat down while the teacher was teaching.

Torianna was up watching every move.She knows we sacrifice alot for her including her brothers routine.And money doesnt come easy.So she knew that it was important that she gave her all just as I do as her parent.

In the end those girls sat. And Torianna got the last 5 minutes working on her turns with the teacher.Hard work always pays off. And I am glad that I taught my child to appreciate everything.

I had a pep talk about being competative,to make friends but to always remember why and how she was there. Its important to love what you do and have fun or else you burn out.

But learning time is work time and she better do like Rihanna and work,work,

Pushing your child to be independent is not easy.

Especially when you have a child who depends on you for every single basic need.So its hard not to be the same way with all of your kids.You have to give them the room they need to grow,make mistakes and to learn from them.

Dont let anyone walk on you.

If you let someone get the upperhand once its a disastrous circle and it makes you hate what you love doing most.

You can only carry your kids so far and then its like training wheels. Then sooner or later they have to come off and you have to let go.

Luckily she is still only 7 and although can make it without me holding on,She knows I am right behind her.

So parents of autistic children that depend on us for every need,if you have other children it can be stressful to let go.

However your child has been the sibling of an autistic child and is stronger than most parents.Give them room to grow and learn from mistakes.

It is the most rewarding feeling in the end to know you have taught  your child to go out into this world.

Most of us have the lonely feelings of not accomplishing things because our autistic child depends on us still.Its normal to feel that way as must of us do.

Which is why if you have a child that can do it alone. Then when they do you feel accomplished and feel useful.I know schedules get messed up and routines go down the drain.

However also while your at every becon call with you autistic child. Make sure to give your other children attention. Find ways to make you both feel needed and accomplished.



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