Special needs man kidnapped

I am just overly ticked right now I don’t know how to feel!

So an 18 year old white man with special needs was kidnapped by 4 black males. They took him to an apartment tied up. Then cut this kid, cut his clothes and tortured him. During the video they are saying F#$@ White people and F$#$ Donald Trump. I am sorry but I cant even fathom this not being a hate crime. The police are trying to say that it is not a hate crime because they are only 18.

I am sorry but these idiots were drunk, posting it live on facebook and were able bodied to not let this happen. The most sickening part is they made this man walk like a dog and drink out of the toilet. The police are trying to say that they are good kids and that they are just ranting and raving. Bull crap… If someone doesn’t step in and say something for this kid especially special needs agencys. First off they kidnapped him, they sent messages to his parents and torture this poor kid. I don’t know if this kid had autism. But honestly it doesn’t matter if it was Autism or not.

The dogs who did this to him are in jail right now but I guarantee they will get off with a slap on the wrist.

Why because the black Chicago cop is trying to take up for these animals. I don’t care if it was a hate crime, a special needs crime. The fact of this is that the kid was helpless. And the fact that a cop can defend these animals is sickening. I am planning on starting a change.org to make sure that these animals stay where they need to be. Where is the special needs agencies that are around that are supposed to defend people like this. Seriously this whole thing I am talking about probably makes no sense because I am so overly mad about this that I cant even think straight.

Having a special needs child this seriously hurts my heart!

My son is one of the most caring people I know. And even though he may not be able to tell me he loves me or loves everyone around him. The light in his eyes show. The fact that these animals knew this special needs kid and took him to the apartment and probably lured him in. I cant imagine thinking this kid probably thought these people were his friends and trusted them. It scares me to death for me to know that there are people out here targeting special needs people.

If this was a white on black crime there would be rioting in the streets!

As a parent of a special needs child I am honestly thinking about starting something. Because this has got to stop. Not all white people are trump supporters. Noone in my family likes trump. And my special needs child doesn’t even know what the hell a Donald trump is. And I am sure this poor kid didn’t know either. Who in the hell is gonna step up and do what BLM for innocent people who are being targeted by black people for nothing at all. This goes along with the story of the man who was gunned down by black police and his autistic son was in the car. The cops sat outside of the car talking instead of helping this child that was dying at their hands. NOONE RIOTED,NOONE PROTESTED WHY????

I love everyone, I am far from racist. My children are biracial. However this crap that went on for months and black lives matter started this crap. These people may not have been a part of black lives matter but it stems from that. When do ALL LIVES MATTER? WHEN DO THE LIVES OF INNOCENT CHILDREN AND SPECIAL NEEDS PEOPLE MATTER? Because honestly it only looks like black lives matter from my point of view.

The fact that this kid was targeted because he was white, special needs and an easy target for these animals to pick on.

Who is going to step up and defend, protest and block the interstates for him???? They did it for Alton Sterling who was a known criminal. As well as the other guy who was shot by police. Who told the cops he had a gun and instead of waiting on the officer to take him out of the car and remove the gun. He went for his pocket. His girlfriend says it in the very first video and then changes her story. These guys were known criminals and had a past and also had weapons. This guy who was tortured didn’t have anything except himself. Its sickening that no one will step up and do anything to make noise about this.

If  I didn’t have children that I had to come home to I would have done been out in the streets.

Because someone needs to stand up and make a change. But I know if I did that it would be considered racist. Even though on my end it has nothing to do with race.  But everything about the fact this kid was special needs. However its not looked at that way by the media or the people of the world. When its a black person targeted its a hate crime against their race.

When a white person is targeted it wasn’t a hate crime against race (even though they said it was in the video). It was the fact that he was special needs. Well honestly I don’t give a flying crap about what it was. To me it was an innocent young teenager who probably couldn’t even hurt a fly that was tortured for days. The police of Chicago are defending these thugs and saying ohhh they are just teenagers being teenagers…. BULLLLLLCRAPPPP… I’m so over this.

All parents of special needs children need to stand up and make some noise on this .

Will this blow over and never be heard about again? People need to be heard and defend this kid. Do whatever you can to make this story get out to everyone you can. Any agencies who can help try to keep these animals behind bars where they belong. Please step up and say something!!

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