Was about to blow a gasket!

I was at my wits end and if they didnt leave soon I was gonna blow a gasket!

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Now back to our rant in progress….

So as I had talked about before ,my inlaws came in from Mexico and wanted to spend the holidays with the kids.I refused to let my kids go with their dad to the drunken fiestas that usually occur around this time of year, So I was stuck with all of them at my house.

I must have been crazy but hey gotta do whatever for my kids sake.

So of course they came and took over the bedrooms, my kids toys and candy. But then its always the “do they have any clothes they dont wear anymore”.

Back when I had someone to depend on I had no problem sending clothes to Mexico and honestly I still dont.But the crap that has happened every single year for the past 3 years was seriously pushing me closer and closer to a nerve overload

So I told them I maybe had a few things but not alot. So they start going through my kids closets after I go to bed and slowly things start missing.

My daughter loves gymnastics and dance and I post vlogs and blogs to be able to pay for her clothes from a second hand store, all the little girls wear justice and so I found a store that sells clothes for 1.25 amd they always have a huge selection of Justice shirts, and pants.Shes almost at the age were she will get picked at for not wearing what the other girls do.

So I do everything I can to give her things so she doesnt have to feel embarrassed..

Only for them to be taken right out of our own closets.Then have the nerve to put a shirt they took on their child the next day along with pants and a pair of socks. I told them that she needed to change and find something else because those clothes were for dance.So of course I got the dirty looks. They left for a few hours and then I was on a rampage through their ‘maletas’ because I wasnt gonna deal with it anymore.

In total 4 of her shirts ,2 pairs of jeans , socks, and a pair of shoes also 2 of my sons new sensory toys and my daughters paw patrol car. And of course my brush, some makeup and 3 shirts of mine. So i took everything out of the closet hanging in the kids room and put it in the back room and padlocked the closet door.

The best part was when they came back…

Oh yes of course they knew that i knew things were taken and so they started trying to be nice. Yesterday they wanted to go shopping because they didnt get any presents to take back with them (or the fact I had taken back what they planned on giving out). So I took them thinking maybe my 4 kids would get a present this year since we always have sent boxes of clothes and made sure my ex brother in laws kids had a toy to open.

Of course I was wrong..

I spent 4 hours watching them buy clothes for the other grandkids, toys and stuff for themselves.I was gasping for air when she used my 7 yr old as a size checker thinking she was going to buy them for her.

Nope, and she honestly used my kid as her personal size checker to check for her other granddaughter the same age as Torianna.

So for 3 years my kids have never recieved a christmas or birthday gift from their grandparents that come here and claim to want to spend time with them.They come and eat everything, steal everything and sleep most of the day.

So I called my ex and told him to come and get them.I couldnt deal with another minute of seeing my children wondering why grandma buys over a grand in clothes for the other grandkids and never even have the heart to buy them a candy bar. Ahhh wait… I take that back the grandma bought a bag of candy and when Bella asked for a piece she shooed her away.

They wanted to know why I wanted them to go.

I am seriously a very nice person..lol But seeing your kids not even getting the leftovers to the other grandkids hurts even worse than just getting the leftover.I could have said “Because you are greedy thieves who have never came here for them but came for what you could get out of my house “. So i told my ex to tell them that my family was coming in from Indiana. He didnt believe his family tried to steal anything and has never believed anything I said anyways (thats why we arent together) . But I was so ticked and with the look in my eyes he knew I wasnt playing around and that I could have blown up at anytime on his mother.

Next year my house wont be the halfway house it was for the past 3 years.

Hope you enjoyed the holidays everyone. Mine will be better next year. I HOPE




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